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Karma - the first novel from Holly A. HarveyKarma was published by Bookforce on 26 February 2007 and is available from many good booksellers.

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Welcome to the official website of the author Holly A. Harvey.

Holly's first novel, Karma, winner of the Undiscovered Authors 2005 General Fiction category for the North East Region, was published by Bookforce on February 26th 2007.

A message from Holly A. Harvey
I aim to use this site to keep everyone updated on my current and future projects - I have several novels in the pipeline, at various stages of completion (or non-completion, which may be a better description!)

I appreciate any feedback, and welcome comments on both my work and my website. Please feel free to contact me using the form on the Contact page.

I hope to update the site with news regularly to let you know what's going on in my world, so keep calling back! Thanks for stopping by!